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UltraScan P1 with 4ch Scope PowerMax PMBC-75 Power Supply/Battery Charger
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Our Price: $395.00
Hanatech Ultrascan P1 Scan Tool with 4ch Scope PowerMax PMBC-75 Power Supply

Ultrascan P1 is a high quality compact scan tool for all occasions. Many workshops need a multifunctional tester. The Ultrascan P1 fulfills this desire. All "tools" necessary for troubleshooting are available in the tester. It is ideally suitable for independent workshops.

PowerMax PMBC Power Supply/Battery Chargers provide clean and reliable power for charging and maintaining battery state-of-charge during service reflash and complex maintenance.
iSCAN IIwt Diagnostic Scanner RedLine Smoke Pro® Total-Tech™
Our Price: $1,095.00
iScan IIwt Smoke Pro® Total-Tech™ advanced smoke machine
The new iScan IIwt diagnostic scanner with dealer tool power. Program BMW E65, E60, E90, E70 ... Coverage for 40+ makes including European, Asian & Domestic vehicles. Smoke Pro® Total-Tech™ is the most advanced smoke machine available to date.
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