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RedLine Smoke Pro® Total-Tech™ CarDAQ-Plus J2534 Device
Our Price: $1,095.00
Our Price: $1,680.00
Smoke Pro® Total-Tech™ advanced smoke machine CarDAQ-Plus
Smoke Pro® Total-Tech™ is the most advanced smoke machine available to date. CarDAQ-Plus J2534 Device
Called the "Golden Standard" for SAE J2534 Reprogramming and Diagnostics.
Approved by all OEMs for Module Programming, Diagnostic Functions and more.
UltraScan P1 with 4ch Scope PowerMax PMBC-75 Power Supply/Battery Charger
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Our Price: $395.00
Hanatech Ultrascan P1 Scan Tool with 4ch Scope PowerMax PMBC-75 Power Supply

Ultrascan P1 is a high quality compact scan tool for all occasions. Many workshops need a multifunctional tester. The Ultrascan P1 fulfills this desire. All "tools" necessary for troubleshooting are available in the tester. It is ideally suitable for independent workshops.

PowerMax PMBC Power Supply/Battery Chargers provide clean and reliable power for charging and maintaining battery state-of-charge during service reflash and complex maintenance.
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